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Welcome to our WESTMORELAND ENTREPRENEURS business networking group website.  WESTMORELAND ENTREPRENEURS, or “WE”, is a local group of professionals who come together weekly to market and grow their businesses and clientele.  WE is a networking group which encourages the members to help their fellow members succeed in their goals.  WE allows only one member for each profession, so at the meeting, you are not facing your competition like at other business functions.  The meetings allow the members to really get to know each other on a professional and personal level.  This type of relationship allows members to refer to each other on a much more confident and comfortable level than other networking groups.  The meetings are structured so that they are not a strictly “social” setting, but have a much more relaxed approach. The meeting becomes something you do not want to miss rather than something you have to attend.  WE members are encouraged to meet with others outside the meetings to help build the relationships. WE believes that work and play can be combined.  WE knows time is something you never have enough of, so quit spending time on networking groups that are so social, no business is accomplished, or spending your time attending meetings which are so structured and financially draining that you dread attending. WE allows you to make the most out of your marketing dollar.  Our meetings are open to visitors, so WE invites you to attend a meeting and see for yourself the difference between us and other networking groups.